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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Animation Stills - Inside Santa's House

These are a couple still shots from the finished animation. Came out nicely - the shot has a good flow to it. I'm usually not too satisfied when a shot is completed, I play around with it for a while and have to let it grow on me. This one is an exception. The letters coming out of the bag direct the viewer like I was hoping for. Also, I finished a little sooner than I planned - which just means on to the next one! Maybe I'll do a little something different before jumping in...


Darryl Young said...

Mr. Dave,
I was told there'd be superheros here, and wasn't disappointed. Santa Claus is my favorite superhero. If Santa fought the Hulk, who do you think would win? Perhaps the Great Gadzoo can turn into the Hulk and fight Santa? Please tell Santa I would root for him. Thanks.

Indira said...

hello dave
came to know about your blog through vinayak.oh my!what a surprise.I too used to work at Heart Animation and it was always exciting to animate on the scenes with your name on the folder for posing.I have learnt so much from you guys and Little Dogs was great fun.It is so very good to see more of your work.inspiring as it has been before.it is so colourful and cute.and the old images are bringing back good memories...I am glad to have had the opportunity of working with you.hoping to see more.
best regards
sankar indira

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