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Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

Since I don't get around to doing blog updates as often as I used to, I figured i'd compile a few late 2016 update post. So... going backwards in time, here we go!!!

First of all, Happy 2017! 2016 has been a great year for me artistically. Finished lots of personal art goals and I was happy to have gotten a few mini animations completed. I've gotten back to doing animations just for fun, taking only a day or two to crank something out. Not sure if I will ever go down the road of a film project like Alien for Christmas again, but who knows!

Here is my New Years animation called Burst out of Your Shell. It's a simple statement that we should all shed our skin each year and start something new!

Right before Christmas, I updated Alien for Christmas (which you can watch on Vimeo) with an all new HD version of the short. It was really starting to show it's age with the 640 format - so it was overdue for an update.

Now that I'm using Instagram much more than the blog, I put up a widget at the top of the page that shows the latest posts. This way, the blog stays a little fresh, even when I'm not updating it here.

In early December, I was part of 2 gallery openings at Gallery 1988. One was "The Coen Brothers show" (which you can see more detail on in the previous post below), and the other was "Another art show about Nothing" - a show dedicated to one of my favorite shows of all time, Seinfeld (which, coincidently, we have been working on a slot game at work for Seinfeld for the past year!)

"The interview"
Ink on paper

I chose to do an homage to one of my favorite episodes to a bit where Kramer and Newman work up a scheme to have the homeless pull a rickshaw cart around New York City. A fun moment when Kramer and Newman perform ad-hoc interviews with the 3 candidates that shows up - one of which wanders off right at the start, and another that ends up just running off with the cart!

I was using a new ink stain technique on this image - so if you now own it from the show, a fun fact that this is the first time I worked in this medium. I really wanted this to have a personal quality. 

Here are a few more images of the process:

At thanksgiving I had a chance to work up a couple fun bear-eating images. Who doesn't love a good guilt-snacking furball? 

After seeing "Fantastic Beasts" - I worked up this Bowtruckle image below - loved this little guy and how he would hide under Newt's lapel in the movie!

On November 19, I was part of an art show at Creature Features in Burbank CA dedicated to "MYTHBUSTERS"! What a treat. The show, curated by Chogrin, and featured a select group of artist works that featured portraits of Jamie and Adam from the show.

11x14 - Digital

My piece showcases, from what I was told by the curator, something that never happened in the shows history - Jamie and Adam dining together. Another thing it showcase is a drink that Jamie created called 444 - a mix of 4 fruits, 4 veggies, and 4 grains. I thought it would be fun to have these 2 cheering each other for their awesome success! The art is now on tour as part of a Mythbusters exhibit. Check out the review of the show on Nerdist

On November 18 and 19, I had the chance to experience CTN and DCON for the first time. Both conventions were fantastic, and I came home with more that a few bags worth of artwork and artist cards to enjoy.

CTN gave me a chance to talk with many folks that I normally only get to see online, and a chance to rub elbows with may of the industry professionals that I admire, and worked with on previous occasions. 

DCON was a real artists show - independently produced works (art, shirts, toys) from a wide range of passionate creatives. The price was right - only $10 to get in, and just about anyone who wasn't at CTN already was located here. 

In November, I took part in the Back to Bits project, a multi-animator effort that collected GIFs from animators and showcased them as an homage to the games of yesteryear. This is the first "volume" of the show with (hopefully) more to come. This effort is curated by Jerry Liu.

My animation - The Life and Death of a Marble - based on the Atari game Marble Madness, ended up being a little long for the GIF format - but you can see my directors cut here

On November 5th, Gallery 1988 feature "Postcard Correspondence" - a show entirely dedicated to postcard art that you could buy and use as cards to display  - or better yet - mail to your friends! My piece featured "The Blues Brothers" at christmastime, and was aptly title, "Let the Good Times Roll". I was inspired by Elwood's tiny apartment in the movie, and I loved the idea of the brothers sharing that space at Christmas.

"Let the Good Times Roll" 
5x7 Postcard

And one of the biggest moments of 2016 - Cubs winning the world series! It doesn't get better than that for a Chicagoan. 

Geez - I have more to get to - Inktober, the Wonka show, SDCC... I'll need to do the rest in a post update when I get more of that precious time! 


Saturday, December 10, 2016

Coen Brothers Art Tribute Show - Gallery 1988

A first of it's kind show for Gallery 1988 - a tribute to Joel and Ethan Coen, directors of films such as "Fargo", "The Big Lebowski", "True Grit", and "No Country for Old Men". Check out the show at:

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Show runs December 9-23, 2016

My Piece is titled "Civilized Conversation", and depicts the scene in "O Brother Where Art Thou" where the jail-breaking Soggy Bottom Boys (Everett, Delmar, and "Toad" Pete) encounter Big Dan Teague, wonderfully portrayed by John Goodman. If you have not seen the film, I strongly urge you to give it a view and enjoy this little masterpiece from the Coen Brothers collection. 

The entire show is viewable online and artwork is available for purchase through Gallery 1988.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

20 Years Later - Gallery 1988

It's been 20 years since Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!", and in celebration of this milestone, I've worked up a new piece that is part of other 1996 films showcased in Gallery 1988's new exhibit, "20 Years Later". I still remember being wowed by the CG aliens - and you can be wowed all over again by all the love this movie gets in this art show!

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Show open July 1-16, 2016

"They Blew Up Congress"
Acrylic on birch board

Rough iPad sketch of the concept. The scene that is in the movie is actually a pretty cheesy effect shot of a bunch of old dudes getting blasted by lazers, ending in a wonderful moment with Grandma Florence Norris (played by actress Sylvia Sydney) shouting happily "They blew up Congress!"

I did originally think about doing this painting with have skeletons and half old guys, but after working up the skeleton pattern, I found it impossible to go back. 

A shot of the painting workspace - I did most of this at the Elmhurst Art Museum while folks were checking out the Red Wagon Gallery. This was a fun one to explain!

I added some extra sparkle paint to the lazers, which looks kind of cool as the light catches it. 

So check out the show before the 16th if you live in LA, or online if you are out of town at this link. Thanks for checking out the page! -Dave

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Red Wagon - Elmhurst Art Museum show

One of the biggest experiences I've had in a while - an art show with my wife Heather at the Elmhurst Art Museum. About 100 pieces in their exquisite gallery space. The reception was fabulous, and the show continues through June. If you live in Chicago or are visiting the area, come and check out the show! Below is a collection of images!

Our show flyer for the event!

Our main wall - a combination of works by Heather and myself. "Red Wagon" signifies many things for us. First of all, red being one of our favorite colors. Secondly, the wagon being something that you can use to "collect", and inspires a feeling of childhood innocence and simplicity. 

Heather's "Pain". A multi piece work that showcases various causes of pain.

This giant wall painting of "Big Red" took me a day to do. Created a nice focal point for folks entering the gallery. 

Heather's "16 dog party" is a collection of watercolor dog portaits.

My "Feathered Friends" collection.

My "Wizard of Oz" section.

I created individual frames for all 24 pieces in this action figure showcase of "Collect them All, Dissect them All".

A section featuring pieces I created based on video games.

My giant robot art showcased in 24x36 large format.

Heather's Monopoly inspired art - "How Monopoly Should Be"

"Crocodile Fears"

Me and Heather enjoying the reception!

Thanks much for checking out the post! 'Til next time! -Dave