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Sunday, July 3, 2016

20 Years Later - Gallery 1988

It's been 20 years since Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!", and in celebration of this milestone, I've worked up a new piece that is part of other 1996 films showcased in Gallery 1988's new exhibit, "20 Years Later". I still remember being wowed by the CG aliens - and you can be wowed all over again by all the love this movie gets in this art show!

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Show open July 1-16, 2016

"They Blew Up Congress"
Acrylic on birch board

Rough iPad sketch of the concept. The scene that is in the movie is actually a pretty cheesy effect shot of a bunch of old dudes getting blasted by lazers, ending in a wonderful moment with Grandma Florence Norris (played by actress Sylvia Sydney) shouting happily "They blew up Congress!"

I did originally think about doing this painting with have skeletons and half old guys, but after working up the skeleton pattern, I found it impossible to go back. 

A shot of the painting workspace - I did most of this at the Elmhurst Art Museum while folks were checking out the Red Wagon Gallery. This was a fun one to explain!

I added some extra sparkle paint to the lazers, which looks kind of cool as the light catches it. 

So check out the show before the 16th if you live in LA, or online if you are out of town at this link. Thanks for checking out the page! -Dave

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Red Wagon - Elmhurst Art Museum show

One of the biggest experiences I've had in a while - an art show with my wife Heather at the Elmhurst Art Museum. About 100 pieces in their exquisite gallery space. The reception was fabulous, and the show continues through June. If you live in Chicago or are visiting the area, come and check out the show! Below is a collection of images!

Our show flyer for the event!

Our main wall - a combination of works by Heather and myself. "Red Wagon" signifies many things for us. First of all, red being one of our favorite colors. Secondly, the wagon being something that you can use to "collect", and inspires a feeling of childhood innocence and simplicity. 

Heather's "Pain". A multi piece work that showcases various causes of pain.

This giant wall painting of "Big Red" took me a day to do. Created a nice focal point for folks entering the gallery. 

Heather's "16 dog party" is a collection of watercolor dog portaits.

My "Feathered Friends" collection.

My "Wizard of Oz" section.

I created individual frames for all 24 pieces in this action figure showcase of "Collect them All, Dissect them All".

A section featuring pieces I created based on video games.

My giant robot art showcased in 24x36 large format.

Heather's Monopoly inspired art - "How Monopoly Should Be"

"Crocodile Fears"

Me and Heather enjoying the reception!

Thanks much for checking out the post! 'Til next time! -Dave

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Idiot Box - Gallery 1988

Now showing at Gallery 1988 is a show called "Idiot Box", which celebrates a huge range of classic and contemporary television shows. This is my first time exhibiting in this particular show - I believe this is the 3rd in their series.

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Exhibit open May 13-28, 2016

I chose to cover ALF - the beloved alien/puppet of 80's television - who was stranded on Earth and had a healthy appetite for cats!

"Dinner Is Served"
Acrylic on canvas

As an artist and lover of puppets, this seemed like a fun one - first ever ALF piece. These long canvases seem to inspire me quite a bit, and this image of cats falling out of the sky right into ALF's mouth hit me pretty quickly. 

Original iPad sketch of the concept. I had seen the palate as browns, whites and oranges )with speckles of teal), but as I painted it up, the greens seemed to feel better to me. 

Here is ALF cheering me on as the Golden acrylics get set out.

Sketching up some pencil reference on the canvas. 

Laying in the background color - this is where it took a turn towards greens and the browns and teal colors took on a life of their own. I really started to dig what I was getting here and I chose to roll with it. 

More of the character colors blocked in - I was thinking of this one pretty flat, but once i started getting into ALF's fur, a bit more highlight and dimension felt appropriate. 

Closer up on the comedic genius. Mouth open for whatever fur-ball happens to land in it! 

I crack myself up with these dumb cat faces. 

Signature as the last detail. I usually do first and last name with the year, but this one was an exception. 

And coincidently, "The Goldbergs" featured the ALF puppet and show on a recent episode! Here is Adam showing off his furry friend to his Dad, Murray, who had the creepiest ventriloquist dummy as a youngster. This show is one of my absolute favorites, and if you are a true 80's geek - you should surely check it out. 'Til next time! -Dave

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bob's Burgers - Gallery 1988

Today is the last day to see the Bob's Burgers show at Gallery 1988 West in LA. Thanks to everyone who went out and to everyone who purchased my limited edition prints that were part of the 100th episode celebration of the hit animated series!

Here is the animation I did to celebrate the show's milestone and a view of the piece I did.

"Steam-Bot Grilly"
11x14 digital print

My idea for the theme here was to get the whole family working together and feature parts of their personalities. Bob is the punching bag, but still strong-willed head of the family. Linda is the true heart of the family, always providing support. Gene is the loudmouth, musically inclined goofball son. Tina is the oldest daughter in her awkward years of exploring love and relationships. And Louise is the youngest daughter and hellion, always playing dangerous! Of course, there is the obvious nod to animation - and for those not in the know, "Steam Boat Willy" was the first Disney Mickey Mouse short with audio. 

Thanks for checkin' it out - until next time! -Dave

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Color Me Surprised!

An artistic egg and slice of ham, each expressing creativity in their own way! 

Color Me Surprised from Dave Pryor on Vimeo.

Worked this animation up on Easter weekend. Using Animate CC, with no software crashes during the entire development! Can't beat that.

Hope you Enjoy!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Fly - 30 Years Later - Gallery 1988

It's hard to believe that I was 15 years old when "The Fly" was released. I was always enamored with Jeff Goldblum's performance as Seth Brundle, the confident scientist that you felt for as he slowly transformed and fell apart in every way. Hard not to feel for a guy reaching up and losing an ear!

Gallery 1988 Is now presenting the show "30 Years Later", showcasing movies that are 3 decades old this year! A difficult choice when you have such classics in the mix as Labyrinth, Stand By Me,  Little Shop of Horrors, and Aliens to choose from. I felt "The Fly" was one of those rare remade B-movie-esque horror flicks that really deserved some attention.

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Opening Reception Friday March 25, 2016 - 7-10pm

"I'm an Insect Who Dreamt He Was A Man and Loved It."
Acrylic on canvas.

As with most of my traditional pieces, this one started out on the iPad. 

There is a classic photo of Goldblum naked in the teleportation device that served for the inspiration here. I elongated his frame and (of course) stylized his face.

Rough drawing on canvas (above) - the nose is meant to harken back to the baboon in the movie - the one that didn't quite make it through the experimentation phase. Goldblum reminds me a bit of a monkey-man with his lean structure, and his nakedness openly embraces the primate feel.

Some blocked in color - I was purposefully using those hot pinks and teals that the 80's embraced.  

One of my favorite parts of the movie is the synthetic-tasting steak (getting blocked in below). I loved the idea of a machine doing it's best to replicate the original product, but somehow failing simply because of it's nature of being a machine. The steak lacks the essence of what makes it steak! Only Geena Davis had the pleasure of tasting it and conveying this to us. Someone has got to start a band with the name - "Geena Davis' Tongue"

I added black in-between the over-lit and under-lit areas. I've really never done an illustration like this before. I like the idea that there is this growing "darkness" somewhere between the fly and the man.

Below you can see a bit of double checking the "Fly monster" details. Those coarse hairy fly arms were terrific in the movie! [spoilers] The splitting head in the illustration is pretty much how the creature meets it's demise. Poor tortured soul. I needed another color to promote that wonderful regurgitated goo that The Fly kept barfing up. I experimented and ended up defining the outer edges of the monster parts in that bright yellow acrylic - giving a bit more energy and a pop feel to the art. 

 It was late in the game when I reconsidered the eye direction. A tough call since I liked Goldblum engaging with the viewer, but I decided that his connection to the bitty fly above was more important, and I turned his gaze upward. I also colored the human and fly eyes yellow to draw a subtle connection to the monster parts.

The whole piece sitting complete and ready to ship! Had fun working this one up. If you are in LA, I hope you get a chance to stop by Gallery 1988 and see it in person. I've already seen a teaser for another great Fly piece and I hope Goldblum gets a good nod from us for his 30th anniversary!