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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So, folks have been asking to see animation from "Alien for Christmas". I'd love to put it out there - but I'm not quite ready to stick it on the internet just yet. I feel like it would be a little pre-mature since it will still take some time to complete. I'll think about it. Maybe something in the future.

Until then, here is a little animation I did for the 10 second club in August, 2003. This was a fun piece to do - the dialogue was great, and this is a good representation of my Flash animation. This one pushes some extreme mouth shapes on the male frog - and there was plenty of opportunity to hit a lot of poses quickly. I hope you like it if you haven't seen it already.

Special thanks to John Griffin for the web space.


Virginia Valle said...

Hello Dave
Thanks for visiting my blog :).. Yes this week I posted a bit, because this is a crazy week, you know almost Christmas a lot of work to do :)..
About children style, I need more practice :).. but I'm trying :).....
Thanks again for visiting my blog and you nice comments :).

Please post more :D

ChewBloggers said...

oh yes...i very much remember this one...i loved it then and i love it now! clear and beautifully designed.

Don Dixon's Blog said...

I always dug this alot the first time I saw it, Great poses, nice leads from one character to another, and love the character looking in the window in the background, not to distracting but just enough to allow the view to notice, very quick very snappy. Dig it!

Jafar said...

Hi Dave,
Looks cool!!
Hoping to see more of your 2D animation, old and new!!

greg scherrer said...

Haven't gotten to see any of your animation since the startoons days. That's good stuff! A lot of nice touches in the acting.

Simon Says said...

great animation Dave! I like!

Dan Segarra said...

Man, such a great piece Dave. Really nicely done!