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Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Here's a little bit to get started. I began with a rough storyboard (top left) - edited to the music track. I kept it all bare bones. No commitments. I played around a while and quickly put everything together. Soon after, I developed a more "Proof of Concept" version (top right) of the storyboard. This was mainly so I could sell the band on the idea and noodle around with a little more detail. At this point, the story was set - and these boards provided much of the layouts for the final. This way I could still work small and not get caught up in those pesky details. The bottom image is a capture of the final shot. Every scene is a color exploration for me. My background is TV animation. I used to do a ton of line only "Warner Bros." style stuff, so this film is also a first for much of my color work.


SteveLambe said...

Better turn on that word verification option if you want to filter out that spam, Dave ;)

I had no idea you had a blog until I saw your post under Javi's gal.

Having been spoiled with a preview of your film, I gotta say that it looks friggin fantastic! I so envy your sense of timing.

Looking forward to updates. (Thanks for the link btw...I've returned the favor ;)

boob said...

NICE! Great to see ya gotta blog too! I need to add a few links tonight.

It'll be great to see your documented development here. I also find it completely AMAZING that you've been able to stay with the same project for all this time.

Glad ya dig JJ! He captured my heart since seeing that scowling doodle on a post-it.

Gerald said...

Thanks for sharing the pre-production of this animation. I'm root'in for ya. Truly inspirational. Keep it up! I can't wait to see more.

Mike Owens said...

Hey Dave! Looking good! I dig the style of your bkg.

I admire your dedication. 3 years, huh? No wonder I keep finding excuses to not start my own film. I only got as far as a blog.


Good luck and have fun!

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