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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Long Live the Kitchen Sink Gang

I get asked about this one a lot. This Is a still from a short I worked on back at "Startoons" animation. It was a promotional piece for a cartoon idea - 3 guys living together who were criminals that had to commit crimes to pay the rent. Kitchen Sink Gang consisted of Englishman, Clown, and Spaceman. The kind of show that just deals with their inflexible personalities - similar in concept of ATHF - but done a little before that was on the air. The style pushed a Flash-esque style before there was Flash, and it would be a shame to see this go forgotten. About 2 minutes of animation exist that give a brief glimpse at these wonderful characters. Spawned from a sketch by artist Phil Gullett, these guys were to appear as background characters in a cartoon we were working on before that, but ended up with their own short because of how strong the idea of this combo really was. Will anything ever become of this idea? Hard to tell, but I'm happy to hear about it from time to time by folks that have seen it on some demo tape floating out there.


boob said...

HA! HA! There they are those rascals! Thanks Dave! Man I wish somethin' would happen to these characters. I love the memories I have attached to various doodles or characters I've seen or been apart of in the past. The whole "some people made this on their own and I actually want to watch more of it" feeling has made a lasting impression on me.

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks Bob.

I'll post some more things from KSG later on.

Mike O said...

If you ever decide to revive the KSG, I will gladly donate my pencil holding arm to help make it happen.