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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Santa's Reaction - Animation

I finished this animation today - which completes the "Santa's Interior" section. I'm always happy when a little section gets squared away. This is the first complete bit I've done since starting the blog - 3 shots total. Let me know if there is anything else about the film process you'd like me to share - it's good for me to know what people think! Thanks!


Alina Chau said...

Congratulation for finishing your animation!! :) Would love to see it ... will you post it on-line? It looks so much fun!!

Mike Feeney said...


I have mentioned before how exciting and beautiful the color palettes are throughout your film; it is amazing that this is in your words a ".. a color exploration for me." because your results are not only necessary for the finished look of the film, but they definitely add a dimension that strenthens the story as it unfolds.

This brings me to my questions...
Can you discuss your process regarding the overall palettes used from scene to scene? Do you look at the entire film as a whole (such as a color storyboard) and do you have a sense of how you want the colors to build or change to strenghten or support the story?

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks Mike -

I'll give this one some thought - I wish I could convey how much I feel like I'm "wingin' it".

In the 2nd storyboard stage, I introduced some color to the boards, but it was mainly hues of blue, with color to help the characters stand out. I did add some other colors to convey a change in environment, like when we go to the alien planet - but that was more for me to play around, and it just felt natural to do at the time.

I'll post something more in depth sometime soon.

Thanks for the nice words!


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