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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Here is the BG to the scene that I'm animating now. Check out the Nov. 8 post and the Oct 6 post to see other images related to this environment. I was going for a cold look here, and I messed around with the warped perspective on the buildings quite a bit as I worked on this. It's not a complete match to the layout of the building a few scenes prior - but hey, it's a cartoon - and you'll only see this for a few frames. I liked the silhouette of the buildings better this way.


Homie Bear said...

I like your art style. I think I will hang out and watch the progress of your film.

SteveLambe said...

Great layout, Dave!! You're really "firing on all cylinders" with your color choices too ;)

Virginia Valle said...

ohh really nice Dave :).. you almost ready for Christmas :D

Alina Chau said...

Cool design. nice perspective

Bruno Werneck said...

that's cute man! I like this one...

Jasmin said...

Hey Dave,

I was just wondering do u drop color each frame? -alien for christmas

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Jasmin -

If you see this please elaborate on "drop color". I don't understand the question.

Thanks for visiting!

Jasmin said...

I was wondering if u work with colored pieces in flash or do u color each frame in photoshop or US animation? From I remeber u where animating on bond paper.

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