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Friday, November 4, 2005

Reindeer Barn Interior - Animation

This one took a while to finish - you know - Star Wars movie came out on DVD plus a new game to play - it all adds up. Anyway, here's a still from the final animation. The next one's gonna be a killer - Why do there have to be 8 Reindeer ?!?!?!


Virginia Valle said...

ohhhh I like it :) is really beautiful :)...

Jafar said...

Hi Dave,
Still looks great but do we get to see the animation too???

boob said...

Colors are sharp here Dave. All really balanced to me. You could darken up Santa and his shadow (rim light?) but I don't know what he's doing in the scene - it's probably more important to keep him visible. Good one - yer always thinking...

pink hippo said...

Hi Dave, Great work !!

Even I am kinda eager to see the final animation. I saw the animation you did for 10 second club, and I must say it was lovely and very unique :)


pink hippo said...
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Dave Pryor said...


Thanks for the comments -

I do have Santa saved out to do some mattework on him with the intention of making him darker and having his natural colors be just a rimlight. I'm also a little dis satisfied with the composition of the reindeer. I think I need to add in a hint of some at the outer edges so that it doesn't feel like the stable ends at five deer.

At 2 in the morning it all seemed OK. I'm sure I'll be messing with it tonight! :)


No animation on this project. Sorry. I don't want it to be seen until later. I have too much left to do on this project and I want to hold off on posting animation at this point. Maybe later on :)


Thanks for the continuing kind comments :)

Aaron Paquette said...

Animation always amazes me. I'll definitely be back to see what you're up to. I love the boldness of the images and the subtlety of the shading.

Jav said...

YO Davey,
Its all coming along i see....
But no worries,
thanks to Flash theres really only one reindeer used 8 times!!!
But then of coarse if they move differently then youre f*c#ed...
oh well, GOOD GOIN DAVE!

Dave Pryor said...

You're completely right Jav.

The reindeer are duplicaed and it does save some time. On this shot, I reused 3 of them for the beginning of the shot - but offset their reactions. We start in closer to the door so you don't notice the re-use anyway. On 2 of the deer, I tailored unique animations so that the whole thing didn't feel completely cheap. The deer end up all in the same at attention pose - which I think works for the shot.

I'm still not completely pleased though. Not every shot is a complete winner.

Thanks for the comments.

Santi said...

Great shapes and design on your blog :)


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