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Sunday, November 6, 2005

Round Two ---

Here is the Reindeer Barn Interior shot with additional reindeer and some color tweaks. The 2 extra deer make a BIG difference when they all come to attention. Now it feels more like an army than a small crowd. Thanks for all the comments on the previous related post.


Virginia Valle said...

This one look great!!:) where is the round 3 :)

Jafar said...

Hi Dave,

Your reindeers look cute : )

joe said...

looks really beautiful...i had one nit (2 cents worth as always) about the line the was used to outline the stalls...the thickness seems to be the samen from foreground to back and flattens it a bit...everything in there feels so spacial and then those lines are really bold...maybe if you put a gradiant on them going toward santa or thinned them abit to help the spacial quality of the scene...not sure if you're necessarily looking for feedback but everything you've put up has been dead on and this one little thing stuck out at me...thanks so much for sharing your process!!


Dave Pryor said...


Thanks for the feedback - yes I do appreciate it. Some good comments have already been made that had me go back and retool - and I think going back into it made a big difference!

I see what you're saying, and that's one of those things that got past the radar. Something that I said in my mind "something odd here" but never enough so to make me problem solve it. I think it's part of my struggle to choose how much should be a graphic element and how much should follow the rules of perspective.

My wife is the biggest critic and really lets me have it if even the smallest thing is out of whack. She's brutal - but I appreciate it.

So, thanks again. I really need the support from talented guys like you.


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