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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


It's getting pretty cold out there - so this type of imagery comes to mind. This is a color comp I did for the family in the films opening scene. This was from the first model of them all in their winter clothes, and I'm not sure if anything was changed from this. This shot that features the parents is the one outstanding shot that has yet to be completed. If you haven't figured out yet, the scenes I'm doing now are in chronological order.

In the meantime, I'm trying to keep warm in my basement - working still on the Alien planet BG. My wife went off to work on another job in LA this week (cry) so I'll try to focus my attention on the project to drown the distance woes :)


Edward said...

Try to stay warm Dave, Its been in the 50's here in Vegas and I've been freezin. Guess my blood has thinned out a bit since moving to the west coast. Anyways,love this shot of your animation. Can't wait to see the final product.

E said...

Great use of colors, Dave; makes the scene "feel" cold. These colors and the ones used in the Santa take-off sequence are a great contrast to the colors you've got going on in the alien world scene. And that sure is one happy kid.

I'm not sure how you can stay warm where you're at. I'm so used to the balmy desert weather I fear I'd turn into a human popsicle if I had to endure a full winter in Chicago.

Jafar said...

WOW...It looks beautiful Dave...Love your choice of colors : )

Alina Chau said...

beautiful christmas illustraion!! Sooo charming, reminded me of many happy childhood memories, excpet there is no snow over my end of the planet.

Miah Alcorn said...

I'm really likin' that background Dave. Alot of really nice stuff going on in there, subtle textures and nice atmospheric perspective. Can't wait to see the finished shot.

Dave Pryor said...

Yeah - I like the BG too. Thanks alot. The characters could be a little stronger - somethings odd with the Mom's face after I look back to it after all this time. Hopefully the issues will resolve at a later date.

Thanks for the support.

Virginia Valle said...

Hello Dave sorry my friend , I didnt have enough time to take a look all the blog, but Now Im doing it ;) and weekend I will try too :).. The imagen is gorgerous onn so charming :).jejej funny Alina she is still dreamer with a white Christamas hahahha ;). Remind me to my childhood but with more kids ;),beautiful work!!! I hope you feel better, because your wife is in L.A,well your blogger friend are here :D

St John Street said...

your picture makes me almost want to like the cold ah nah but it's a great piece

Lukasarts said...

Looks great so far Dave. Id love to see an animatic if you have one. ^_^

boob said...

I love the winter (for the most part) so I really like your BG here. The blues work well with the christmasy characters.

Mike Owens said...

Is that Mike Feeny playing the part of the dad?

Dave Pryor said...

Mike O -

It's funny you mention that, because I always tease Mike about that fact. Not really intentional, but now that Feeney is a dad, it seems like the perfect father figure to caricature. I've been teasing Feen about fatherhood for years!

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