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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just Business as usual

In this photo - a carrot has to give a very important fiscal quarter earnings presentation to Senior management.

Projects take up a lot of time. I've started another one that takes up a good amount of spare time, and unfortunately cuts into a lot of the time I originally put aside for Alien. The new project is in developmental stages and I can't share it with you right now. Rest assured that if you like characters like the guy in the picture above, you'll probably like what I'm cooking up! Thanks for the visits and I'll (hopefully) have more Alien stuff soon!


greg scherrer said...

I was wondering why he'd wear his hat during the presentation, but then I realized he has no arms to take it off with. This project sounds right up my alley! And I know you'll bring a level of realism to it with all your vegetable experience.

Jafar said...

WOW....Great to see the updates here :o) New character surely looks interesting to me...All the best for your new project!

Take care

Bruno Werneck said...

very nice my friend, and very funny!

some of the lines on that carrot read as a smile, I only saw his real mouth down on the bottom later...


Miah Alcorn said...

Ahhhh.... who wouldn't want to hear a carrot giving a quarterly status report... he orange, tall, and tasty... what more could you want. Great drawing as always buddy.

Mike Owens said...

Yesterday, I liked carrots.
Today, I love them.
And hope to be well informed by their presentation.
Thanks Dave Pryor!

Virginia Valle said...

YOU BACK WITH GREAT STUFF :) He look really cool :) and the design is very original I love it is very creative!!!

Ben Lane said...

Love your blog. 'Carrot' here really appeals to me (despite the lack of limbs).

Lookin' forward to more.