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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Some Updates

Here's the AFC stuff I've been working on since the last post -

First off, I needed to add a little more life to the street scene. I animated three generic shoppers to walk by in the background.
After the street shot was complete, I had to go back to this toy store window scene and give the boy a size reduction. It was a low angle shot that was supposed to have a little forced perspective - but in the end he just looked fat. The image on the bottom is the boy after the fix.
While in LA a week ago, I painted up the BG for this scene and finished the animation a day ago. I'm back to working on the end sequence of the film - this shot was an easy one. The boy does some subtle breathing as we truck in on him in bed. This immediately follows the reindeer on the roof scene.
Here's the shot I'm currently working on. The boy, peacefully asleep in bed, wakes up suddenly as a dark shadow passes through the light of his open door. I hope to finish this one up soon!
More soon!


Jason said...

Hey now. This stuff is golden. Do you draw the boy's room BG as one big image, or do you piece it together with several different graphics drawn seperately? Same with stuff like the toy shop window. Do you have dreams with this stuff in it? You know, wake up and sketch it out real quick-like? Or are you a strictly planned out kinda guy? Either way, it's cool to see your project coming so far. How was L.A.? Anywho,....good evening.

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