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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Storyboards for the last sequence

I'm now in the process of working out the final sequence. As seen in the last post - I'm painting the BGs. I'm hoping to do all of these first - hopefully then I won't break the momentum when I get to the animation state. Here are the storyboards for the last part of the film. Look at them if you wish - the end of the film will be revealed to you (but you could probably guess the ending if you've been following along). So as you can see, I have 3 BGs to do - one of which is a reuse for 2 shots. I'll post the finished BGs in a bit. Thanks again to everyone for the kind comments and encouragement - it really helps motivate.


Bicos de pés said...

I could not see each box because it was to small. But some of the drawings are in your blog in other posts. And they are great.
Congratulations. And thanks for sharing.

Dave Pryor said...

In this image, you can put your cursor over the lower right part of the screen and uncover an icon - click on it any you will see a larger version of the image. Thanks!