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Friday, July 13, 2007


Here's a few artists friends who will be selling things at the show this year - all great folks and inspirational to me too!

- Buddy Bob Rissetto and his art-filled sketchbook "BOOB"
- The awesome Javier Guzman with his sweet babe themed art offering "GLAM"
- Concept Artist Bruno Werneck with his new art book - "SPLASH" (A must have i'm sure!)
- Sam Aquino with her girlie dominant sketchbook "CHOOBIE KYUTE" (more sweet babes)
- Cyber-Animator Ryan Summers and his sketchbook "ODDERNOD"
- Kevin Barber with his sketchbook "THE BOY WHO LOVED COMICS,...A LOOK INSIDE THE SKETCHBOOK OF KEVIN BARBER" (He's from Disney - drawing is his life's work!)
- Artist/animator extraordinaire Robin Mitchel with his newest art book "THE ART OF ROBIN MITCHEL VOLUME 2"

Oh, and if you were wondering about Alien, I'm hoping to have a little something there to share with everybody at the Con :) See ya there!!!


Kevin Barber said...

From what i've seen,..this book looks stellar. I will steal one for sure when your backs are turned.

Joseph Merideth said...

looks amazing dave! i know all of you will take the con by storm


Gnarfdeath said...

sweet!! I'll be sure to stop by and grab one!

Alina Chau said...

AWESOME!! Will stop by and check it out!!

Kevin Barber said...

Can we only buy half of the book ? I would like your half but not Bobs if that is possible. Can you discount his half?


boob said...

It's Friday and I can't stop thinking about our book...for various reasons. It'll be fun - I can't wait to grow my WMS collection!

Oh, and no prob Kev. I'm using your book to line the litter box. MY litterbox*

*comic banter - not to be taken seriously.

Dave Pryor said...

As an unfortunate update - the originally mentioned book collaboration from me and Bob Rissetto will not make it to the Con this year. Should be available very soon though - either pick it up by mail or at the next show. Details to come...

Anonymous said...

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