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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chicago International Childrens Film Festival

I just returned from the last evening of the festival and it was an extremely fulfilling experience. The films from around the world were all unique in their own way. Seeing how this fest brought them all together, with the primary purpose to entertain and inspire kids, made it all the more exciting to be a part of. Being from Chicago, the film houses were not too far from my door, but most of the film making attendees came from across the globe.

Here I am at the Nov. 1st showing of my film at the Biograph theatre - answering questions from the crowd. The crew from the film "Elephants" (to the right of me) was in from London. It was a treat to hear audience responses to AFC first hand, laughing and reacting to the humor and tender moments (and getting the applause at the end of coarse). Thanks so much to everyone that said they enjoyed AFC. Hearing that it connects with kids and adults alike is so rewarding for me. The crew from Facets and all the members of the CICFF were extremely friendly and really had the shows well choreographed. Everything ran like a well oiled machine. Even the children, who were a huge part of the audience, were all well behaved and sat quietly in every showing I sat in on.

It was a delight to be a part of this festival. My wife and I already have the brain juice flowing with new film ideas thanks to the inspiring work we saw.