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Monday, July 27, 2009


I'd like to express a HUGE thanks to all those fans who picked up my work at SDCC this week (above is a sampling of those gracious enough to pose with my art). I'm humbled that you considered it worth hanging on your wall, placing on your bookshelf, or pinning to your bag. I really appreciate your support and compliments, and you really made the trip memorable. I had a great time talking with everyone, and the support for "Alien for Christmas" has been outstanding! I hope to see all of you next year!


damon said...

hay it was great meeting you guys at comic con

thanks so much for the print

Zev Esquenazi said...

I just wanted to "stop" by and say how much I really love your style. I was so glad to meet you and buy a print of your work.
Please keep me posted.

Voice-Over Actor
Beverly Hills, CA

p.s. I'm the one in your Collage with the bald head and goofy smile holding the kid with Chewy on it.

Maggie said...

Our CC box arrived today with my husband's mulitude of art vinyl and my one purchase: Choke! I'm sitting on the couch going through it again -- it's too great! Great meeting you guys!

Jav said...

Good times!
nice tribute Dave.

giddy girlie said...

Awesome! That's my friend holding up her moose print and my Mayor McCheese/Grimace print! :)