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Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Prisoner

No one can escape from bear island. 


samax said...

that damn park ranger should'a just let 'em have the picnic baskets!

yo, this is great! good sense of depth and atmosphere!

Tom Dell'Aringa said...

I don't mind admitting, that's a bit scary! Agree, great depth and feel.

Dave Pryor said...

Hey, Thanks guys.

I drew this partially because the challenge of drawing a maze in perspective sounded like a fun.

This is a statement on life really - "Be careful of the choices you make, because right around the corner there might be a bear with a bat waiting to beat the crap out of you".

samax said...

are you planning on making prints of this?

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks samax. Not sure if I'll do prints of this one, but I might try a test to see how it turns out.

Nathan Fowkes said...

It was nice to meet you at comicon. Your work is just fantastic.