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Friday, December 25, 2009

Alien for Christmas

Here is the video just in time for Christmas! Enjoy!

Alien for Christmas from Dave Pryor on Vimeo.


Tom Dell'Aringa said...

Oh man Dave - Awesome! Just watched it with my girls, we all loved it :) Great song, wonderful animation and super fun story. So glad I finally got to see this. Going to post it to the Marooned site right now.

Dave Pryor said...

Hey, thanks Tom! i'm so glad you guys liked it. It was a real labor of love to get it done (but you know what that's all about right :)

Thanks for spreading the word!

Nicola said...

now I want an alien for Christmas! :-)

great work!

sergov said...

such an awesome animation !
but i really dislike the song :[
But animation - so superb kept me watching :p

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks Nicola and Sergov.

The tune is catchy, but I would understand that it's not everyone's taste. What got me was how quickly the tune stuck in my head. I guess that's what made the ideas for this animation mull around - because it kept repeating in my brain! Although I like the tune, it's far from my favorite Fountains of Wayne song. I prefer "Someone to Love", "Red Dragon Tattoo", or "Mexican Wine" myself.

Look 'em up on iTunes and check out the great tunes this band has putting out out over the years.

Johnny B Animation said...

For me, I am amazed Santa can reach escape velocity

bathmate said...

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damon said...

super good

Scott said...

Genius! Great job, love it.

Anonymous said...

This is really fun. My grandson (7) and I loved it.

mike said...

yeah, dave! awesome! so glad to finally see this. :D

Kei Phillips said...

Im so glad i finally got to see this, was worth the wait! Its really wonderful! Fantastic animation. I love it!
catchy song 2. :)
What software did you use to animate it?

Kei Phillips said...

I love the backgrounds 2! :D

Dave Pryor said...

Hey thanks everybody! Hoo-boy, after so many years, it's good to finally be able to post it.

Kei, the work is mainly Flash animation, but I stated out doing hand drawn animation and vectorizing the linework. As I got more familiar with the software and drawing digitally, I migrated over to an all digital approach. Maybe you can guess which scenes use each technique, but my goal was to hide any inconsistency. If you look through my blog archive, you might find some more interesting details about the making of the film.

The backgrounds are painted in Photoshop. I used Painter to add some textures that Photoshop didn't emulate at the time.

So, share with your friends and I hope everyone has a great new year!

. justin segal said...

Dave! Just awesome stuff, man -- great transitions between shots and pacing, consistently upbeat and fresh fresh freshy -- congrats!

Mike Milo said...


Danarchy said...

THat was awesome, timing was nice, had some ncie beats that went well with the music.. you are talented my friend

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Isaius said...

Hi from France !

Congratulations and thank you so much, "Alien for Christmas" is wonderful, cool and funny. I love it. :)

chelsea said...

Wow! What an amazing piece of animation, I love it. Although my 4 year old sister now wants an alien foe Christmas.

Mod Betty / RetroRoadmap.com said...

OK so I'm late to the party as far as your cool site, and it's not even Xmas, but how cool to see one of my fave FOW Xmas songs come to life! Good work!

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Anonymous said...

That moment when the Alien shows he wants a Little boy for Christmas, that's priceless !

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