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Sunday, April 13, 2014


This is an early announcement and sneak peek at work that I'll have in an upcoming show at the POPzilla Gallery in Anaheim California. The show is called "POPCADE" and will be featuring artwork from all sorts of video games - classic to contemporary. This show is shaping to be Orange County's largest collection of video game pop art ever!

"Trapped in a Never Ending World"
Acrylic on 3 individual 6"x6" canvas boards

My first piece for this show is called "Trapped in a Never Ending World". A simple and graphic approach, this piece features 3 of my favorite classic arcade heroes, each encompassed by the very thing they are stuck doing for eternity.

First we have the Burgertime Chef, destined to forever walk across and create giant hamburger treats. He gets to celebrate briefly when he completes his task, only to have more challenging burgers to make in the next level and an increased number of living foods chasing him. Mr.  pickle is my least favorite.

Next we have Q-Bert, who I feel the worst for because he's forever jumping cube after cube, only to have creepy dudes chasing him and ruining his cube color-chage work. Colliding with one of these bad guys ends up in a horrible squishing sound which hurts Q-Bert so badly, all he can do is shout explitives. Also, one wrong step off the cube pyramid and it ends up in a splat at the bottom of the machine (one of the best video game sound effects EVER!)

Finally we have Mario, who is forever trapped jumping barrels that Donkey Kong tosses his way. Well, at least the pudgy little Italian is getting some exercise.

The reception for this event is 6pm-10pm May 10th 2014 at:

Rothick Art Haus
170 South Harbour blvd
Anaheim CA

I have a second piece that's still in the works too - I'll have a follow up post closer to the opening.

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