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Friday, December 5, 2014

Gallery 1988 - Thirty Three and a Third Art Show

Tonight is the BIG OPENING of Gallery 1988's Thirty Three and a Third Art Show, which features "covers" of album cover art!

I was honored to be asked by Dana Lechtenburg to work up a piece for the show. Timing is everything - so I was currently deep into Vampire Weekend music and chose to be inspired by them.

"Modern Vampires of the City"

So the story here is intentionally vague. Perhaps this is a couple parting; or a couple embracing after being apart - the lives of your modern day vampires are complex. This is what I was thinking when working up this image, loosely based on the misty photography from their album cover of the same name.

If you are in LA this December, be sure to check out Gallery 1988's exhibition which features 100 artists. Or check their online Gallery and pick up a few of your favorite pieces! A blurb on the event in the Huffington Post.