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Friday, January 22, 2016

EAG Winter Art Show - "The Meeting"

New artwork for the 2016 Elmhurst Artist Guild Winter show. This is one of the bigger group shows we've installed in a while - over 70 pieces. Here is some process on my painting - a fun one to do celebrating the cooler Chicago months. The reception for the show is Friday January 22, 7-9pm at the Elmhurst Modern Art Museum. All are welcome to attend!

Rough digital painting done on the iPad for rough color and layout.

Setup of the canvas, with the digital rough in view to copy, nestled tight underneath. look closely to see the guidelines in place. A nice clean plastic plate waits to get messy!

Laying down the teal blues is a delight! So silky smooth with the Golden paints. A bit of a battle with how soft the mountains in the background turned out. One of my bigger challenges is how to replicate the feeling of the rough image into the final - here ending up with a fairly sharp landscape with just a hint of rounded mountaintop. 

Getting some final detail in there, I finished this off on the flat desk with tinnier brushes and more light. Little itty bitty footsteps, some complementary scarves, and human peepers - all this packed into a modest, medium thickness custom black frame.

"The Meeting"
24"x8" - acrylic on canvas

So, what's the story here? Some kind of negotiation about a broken treaty? Long lost brothers seeing each other for the first time? I think it's better for the mind to wander on this one. This piece will be on display in the Modern Art Museum until February 26, 2016.