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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Bob's Burgers - Gallery 1988

Today is the last day to see the Bob's Burgers show at Gallery 1988 West in LA. Thanks to everyone who went out and to everyone who purchased my limited edition prints that were part of the 100th episode celebration of the hit animated series!

Here is the animation I did to celebrate the show's milestone and a view of the piece I did.

"Steam-Bot Grilly"
11x14 digital print

My idea for the theme here was to get the whole family working together and feature parts of their personalities. Bob is the punching bag, but still strong-willed head of the family. Linda is the true heart of the family, always providing support. Gene is the loudmouth, musically inclined goofball son. Tina is the oldest daughter in her awkward years of exploring love and relationships. And Louise is the youngest daughter and hellion, always playing dangerous! Of course, there is the obvious nod to animation - and for those not in the know, "Steam Boat Willy" was the first Disney Mickey Mouse short with audio. 

Thanks for checkin' it out - until next time! -Dave