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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Finished Space BG

Here's the finished BG for the takeoff into space. I kept the smoke - and the shot cuts happen so quickly that any continuity issues hardly matter (thanks again for the support to leave that in). I wish there was enough time to pan up slower, I like how it turned out. I have animation for the smoke rising, some twinkling stars, and rotation of the bright alien planet.

The character animation for this one shouldn't take too long - It's just the reindeer and sleigh in (mostly) silhouette.


Jafar said...

Hey Dave,

Glad you kept the smoke, its surely adding to the beauty of the composition : )

greg scherrer said...

Looks beeeyoootiful Dave!

Miah Alcorn said...

Man really nice colors and compostion Dave! Can't wait to see more!- Miah

ChewBloggers said...

great layout dave...very appealing


Don Dixon's Blog said...

Yea everything works together very well. I am inspired by your dedication to this project.

St John Street said...

This a great layout and thank u 4 dropping and leave those kind words feel free 2 drop in when ever and lay down some advice please and thank u. Great comp, by the way nice colours

Mark McDonnell said...

You have some very wonderful pieces man. Really enjoy the WONDERFUL professionalism of finished work, especially yours. Great man, I'll be back for more.


Edward said...

Great work as always Dave. Definately glad you kept the smoke.

Alina Chau said...

Wooooooo ...... pretty!

Krista Heij said...

Nice layout! Love the colors! Pretty..... in a manly way of course!

Bruno Werneck said...

yep, multi-talented, that's how they're called... :)

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