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Monday, November 21, 2005


This is an animation still from a scene completed December 12, 2004. The little boy is taking the Alien out for a walk (or I suppose in this case a "hover"). This was a fun scene to do - and it is one of the first scenes that showcases the joyous relationship between the characters. There is some faked dimensionality with the sidewalk and homes as they walk towards the foreground. All 3-D effects are created with 2-D techniques. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone, I'll be posting next week after I return from a Canadian holiday!


Patrick Morgan said...

Man. I keep finding all these great artist blogs. Will it ever stop? Great stuff.


Jafar said...

Love the style and choice of colors...cant wait to see the finished film!!
...And have a great vacation!!

Virginia Valle said...

beutifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll me toooooooooooooooooo I can wait :) have a great vacationsssss.!!! I want to go to Canada too :D

Dan Segarra said...

Oh no! This little boy is reminding me of the shot I have in a Fed-Ex box in my office... uh oh. If I don't get to it during my break then I'll be unfortunately giving it back. :(

I love your animation on it so far Dave! It's AWESOME to the max!!!

Indira said...

wow so colorful and nice composition...lovin it

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Pryor! First time visit here as well. Truly wonderful things all over your blog! Thanks!

boob said...

I really dig the houses in the background of this shot. Feels vectory to me. Just like home...

Oh man - someone needs to clue me in on how to get an image up there for the blog title. I dig it!

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks new folks for visiting me and the kind words.
I get a lot of inspiration from all of you - so thanks for all of your blogs and postings too!

Yes, I'll have to get back to you on that scene ;) Like I said, it can be the last to go in if need be. Just don't loose that box!

I can help you with the title if you like. Steve gave me some info and I played around until it worked.

Montreal is cold! But the people here are pretty warm and friendly!

St John Street said...

there's really great art work on your blog a great find. Would to hear your comments or advice

Alina Chau said...

Fun idea and illustration

Akshata said...

superb style ! xcellent colors! I n'joyed ur works.

Bobby Chiu said...

thats' sweeeet! If only I had a pet alien when i was a kid....

Jasmin said...

I want an alien. :)

Simon Says said...

AWESOME!...Yah i agree.. id like a pet alein as well. Xmas is coming Dave... hook me up!! ;)

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT! - Dave, I saw your 'Alien for Christmas' at the 2D or Not 2D Animation Festival in Everett Washington. I was BLOWN AWAY. VERY ENTERTAINING!!! - Newbies like me have a lot to learn from talented people like you. Thanks a lot for putting this out there for us to see and enjoy. - Dave | Redmond, WA

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