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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Off the wagon a little this week with family and other things - but here is the thumbnail of the current BG. This is a long pan up into space, originating from the North Pole. These big camera moves end up being very taxing to paint since the end resolution for the screen is 1920x1080. At some point the computer always gets boggy - even doing simple things. Anyway, this one is well along and I hope to finish soon. Just trying to determine what should an overlay to build the dimensionality. I also have a question on the subject of continuity. There is chimney smoke in this scene that I must have drawn to enhance the layout. Seemed like a nice element - drifting upwards as we pan up. Problem is I didn't have a Chimney or smoke in any of the other BGs. I don't mind some continuity problems, but what do you think about this one? If anyone has an opinion, i'm happy to hear.


Christopher said...

I think it's a nice visual element and I'd hate to see you lose it. I took a peek at one of the other scenes featuring the same structure, and I don't think anyone will notice the difference. I'd say keep the chimney. Everything is lookin' good!

Cecilia's Art said...

hi! very nice blog! i love the frog, ja ,it looks so cute!

Homie Bear said...

Keep the chimney smoke.

Bruno Werneck said...

These bacgrounds are coming out really nice dave!

Bobby Chiu said...

nice blog.

Dave Pryor said...

Thanks for the feedback so far...

It gives me incentive to keep the smoke effect in. I probably won't have this all put together until next week, after the holidays, but so far - so good.

Alina Chau said...

love the composition of this image

Jafar said...

The composition looks beautiful to me WITH the smoke!

Virginia Valle said...

beautiful composition :)

Jav said...

The chiminey and smoke deffinately add a nice element Dave.
How long are the other shots held for. Cause I really doubt anyone would be the wiser.
Is it tough to add a lil chimey in the other bgs?
blahghgh.... you wont need it anyway. Keep it, chances are the shots move so fast that noone will catch on...
you inconststant bastage ;)

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