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Monday, January 23, 2006

Here are a few frames from this long shot - I finally finished tonight. The whole sequence has a nice feel to it - I'm really happy to see this cut together with the previous Alien planet shots.

In the end, I wish that I had more screen time to devote to this shot - I feel like the action hits a little too fast here - but there is none to spare. It works and moves nicely - I'm just used to longer pauses. As long as you catch the Alien flying into the hat - it should be OK.

Check back soon for more on the next shot!


Jason said...

This'll be a great scene. I can almost see it. Question, and I'm not sure if you've covered this one. Do you do the character illustrations in AI or Flash? Those aliens look like a handful,....forget the Tickle Me Elmo, I want an alien for Christmas

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Jason,

I appreciate the humor - I wish we could all get Aliens for Christmas.

I draw in Flash - I don't really need to use Illustrator for this because the linework is loose (a kind word for messy). When I started, I didn't know much about Flash so I did what I knew - I cleaned up the drawings by hand. I used Flash to vectorize the line work and it looked pretty good - meaning acceptable for a cheap program. The linework had an inherent imperfection that you get from traditional cleanup (sometimes a little blotchier). The first few scenes I did were all done using the traditional method, but now I draw with the Wacom all the time. You will see a difference between my work and other Flash animation - not as limited and not as "perfect". The linework is not painstakingly done - not all the problems are corrected - this is just the style that I chose to stick with.

You can see Illustrator being used on Flash shows like "Foster's Imaginary Friends". I think some artists prefer it's accuracy - and new versions give you more variety to change the style of the linework.

Flash has some limited linework alternates. If you look closely, you'll notice I did Santa's suit details with spotted lines to get a fluffy look.

Jason said...

Ahhhh, I see now. The opinions and such are a big help as I venture out into the animation abyss. Finding my own way will be less scary with the little bits I pick up from fellas like 'yerself. I just got access to a 9 X 12 Wacom and am still getting used to it. Trying different ways to get the same end product has been fun and interesting to see which way I end up going.

I do see what you mean by a "more loose" approach. I subtle enough that you don't sacrifice the quality of the end product (as evident by the hords of compliments by other bloggers on your work so far on the project). That's nice to see as one tries different methods.

Thanks for the time and hope all else is well with you. Talk 'which ya later.

Jafar said...

Nice stills! Good to see your film heading in the right direction, Dave! There's hardly any reason why it wont when you are working so hard on it!

Alina Chau said...

beautiful scene!!

Miah Alcorn said...

Man all the hard work is really paying off Dave. The stuff you've been posting lately has been superb. I wish we could see some of the finished scenes, I'm sure there all jems. Can't wait to see more.

Edward said...

Nice job as always. Glad to see how your animation is coming along.

Sammy Chu ^_^ said...

I was pleasantly surpprised to see this coming along and witnessing progression!!!

I'm really excited to see this done! WOW!

Oh! How that alien tickles me!

Jasmin said...

Hey Mr.Pryor

It's looking good. I like the storyboards to this sequence. It must be so awsome to see these little guys move. :)

boob said...

Man lookit all that orange! What planet is that? I'll take a oneway ticket please.

I'm interested to see all the animation on Mr. Claus here too.

And AFC on PSP? Portable animation? What could be better.

St John Street said...

great stills!!! and thanks for taking the time to stop by and the kind words..

Virginia Valle said...

heheh this is my favourite scene hehehe very funny and so cute!!