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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Christmas Eve

Here's a still of the most recent finished work. The previous sequence dissolves to this establishing shot of Santa's reindeer on the rooftop of the family's house. The animation is just snow falling and enough action to keep the reindeer looking alive.

I'm going to break the order at this point and finish up animation on a scene that was never completed. A heftier shot because there are more characters - and it's the shot that introduces the family, so I expect it to take some time. I'll probably post bits of progress as I move along.

Take care everyone!


Crescendo said...

Very good work and fresh colours !

Alina Chau said...

Lovely as always!

Goldskeleton said...

It needs more wealth!

The Reindeer symbols don't show enough heirarchy.


Looks great, as always. Now get some sleep, ya nut!

Don Dixon's Blog said...

You can sleep when your dead! Keep it up man!This is great looking.

Anonymous said...

Always impressed by the passion you have for your project! Everything just looks fabulous.

ladymandelyn said...

I love this shot. It looks so warm and fuzzy even though it's all cold outside. The Christmas lights make me feel really nostalgic for some reason
Very cool Dave!

Jafar said...

Looks great....and i too love the lights :o)