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Monday, December 18, 2006

In Brussels

It's been some time since the last post. I recently returned from a trip to Belgium, and it was a delight. Why is it that trips always set in and feel more special after you get back home? I always try to take in the moments while I'm there - but they go by so fast! I started off in Antwerp (beautiful city), then visited the canal filled streets of Amsterdam (another place I'll visit again). I ended up in Brussels during their Christmas festivities and it was truly a magical experience. Here's a dramatization of me shooting lasers over "The Grand Place" in Brussels. If I get any chance to, I'd like to paint up some other images of sights that left their impressions on me!


Breadwig said...

Ha, this rocks. I always wanted to shoot lasers over foreign architecture too! Love your work, all of it!

Anonymous said...

Yay lazer eyes! The building silhouettes are so cool and I love the orange, green and yellow combo too.

Anonymous said...

no fair! i want lazer eyes!

this is great. i love the textures you use.

Claudio Cerri said...

Woooow!! I love this artwork!
By the way... Merry xmas and happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hey dave,

how are you? i am Ludwin, one of the artists working at Orion gaming, wich you visited briefly a short while ago. i happend to stumble upon your blog here. i frequently visit the blogs of fellow illustrators, animators and concept artists. i recognized a still from the Alien for christmas animation you showed us. i read that you now are working on the last scene. i have to say that i was really impressed when you showed us!
i created a new blog for myself, as i got inspired by all the cool illustrations i saw on the blogs. so i'll be posting some of my work on there too.
by the way, did you enjoy your stay in europe?

merry christmas!


Jafar said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year, Dave!

boob said...

Testing 1, 2... Believe it or not Dave, this message is from my Wii. Nice drawing by the way!

Anonymous said...

hey dave,

how are you?
i've been checking out all your AFC posts again.
it's interesting to see the process of creation.
i got comissioned to do an animation for the dutch version of sesamestreet. so i'll be starting to work on that in a short while.
and since i haven't got an animation background it's always educational to have a look "in the kitchen".
you told me you do all the animation in flash.
but i wondered if you do the major camera movement in after effects?
(i don't even know if it is possible to pan/truck over film footage. the same way you can do that over still footage in AE.)
take care,


Dave Pryor said...

Hi Ludwin,

The answer to the camera move question is that I do a lot of camera moves in AE, but I also do them in Flash (for the characters). It really depends on the shot. I'm trying to keep a resoloution of 1920x1080, so I will sometimes have a camera move in Flash that is exported and coppied in AE to maintain resoloution, rather than just export the Flash scene smaller and pan around it in AE. I also like to take advantage of the controlled blur effects in AE on camera moves. It all comes down to what you want to comprimise. You can pan arond very easy in Flash - and not worry about AE. It could save you time. Also, Flash 8 moves bitmaps around way better than Flash MX does for me, so you may wish to look into that avenue first.

Hope that helps, and best of luck on the Sesame Street job. What a great show to work on, my favorite as a kid.


le lezard fou said...

i love your style it's funny hihi and viva muppet show

Alina Chau said...

love the design of this illo !! AWESOME!!

Lucho said...