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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thanks Everyone – Comic Con 2013!

I’m just getting back into Chicago on a late Monday night. The hustle and bustle of the San Diego con is still fresh in my head. This one seemed to breeze by in the blink of an eye, faster than any show previous. Meeting all the great fans and sharing our passions for art, toys, cartoons, and films is always enjoyable – thanks for adding to the memories. It’s not every day you meet someone with the same interest in “Man-E-Faces”, or a girl with an almost unhealthy lust for gnomes. Being stationed at booth F5, I appreciate all the talent around us – Rick Geary, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Donnachada Daly, Crystal Chesney-Thompson; all great isle-mates who feel like longstanding neighbors during my 6 years of running a table with Bob Rissetto. Now feeling artistically reinvigorated, I look forward to the year ahead and the artistic challenges right on the horizon. To everyone who bought something from me, or simply said it was “cool”, I truly appreciate it. Sorry to those looking for some sold-out items. You can always e-mail me at davepryor72@gmail.com, and I’ll be happy to accommodate you with the art you are looking for. Thanks everyone, especially to Bob and my wife Heather for running the table and making the trip such a great experience. 

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Gnarfdeath said...

man! I missed you guys this year..