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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Official Edgar Wright Art Show - Gallery 1988

7308 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046
August 20 - September 7

"A Great Big Bushy Beard"
Acrylic on canvas - 30"x10"

Here is a show that I am really excited to be a part of - A tribute to Edgar Wright and his terrific films. I have to say, even though all his movies are thoroughly enjoyable, "Hot Fuzz" wins out for me because of all the deranged characters in Sanford. From Simon Skinner to Michael "Yarp" Armstrong, it's hard to choose a favorite. More than anything else in the film - the line "A Great Big Bushy Beard" always stuck out in my mind - thanks to the energetic delivery by Jim Broadbent's character Frank Butterman. My interpretation of this phrase pays homage to the poor police officer that Nicholas Angel replaces - buried (or I guess just placed) in the tombs of the town. There is one quick shot where this phrase echo's in  actor Simon Pegg's head - so I wanted to create something that looked a bit horrifying but still had a lighthearted twist.

As this show is being publicized - some "special guests" will be in attendance for the opening tomorrow. I think we all know who they are! Be sure to get in line and take in all the wonderful art treats that have been collected for this great tribute!

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