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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Art Musings

Hi Everyone. It;s been a few months since the last post so I have a few things to get to. Good to get 'em all out before the clock strikes midnight in about 23 hours!

First off, I don't talk about my work projects much on my blog, but some really cool stuff happens at WMS. Last October, we launched our first ever "Artist's Among Us" Gallery show. This show showcased some of the personal works from over 30 artists that work in the art department. The company gave us this great space in the lobby for major visibility - and it was an interesting challenge for me; this being my first time spearheading a group exhibition like this.

The artwork was hung by fishing line, so it appears to float in front of the brick wall. I was so appreciative to have the help of my workmates to get it looking so cool!

WMS is blessed to work with so many fantastic artists that contributed to this exhibition, such as Mandy NapperDrew Hill, Javier Guzman, Ryan Bowlin, Hal Betzold, Bob Rissetto, Misty Coats, and so many others.

This fall, my friend Tom Dell'Aringa compiled his webcomic "Marooned" and released the entire story in print. Thanks to the support of the fans, Tom's Kickstarter campaign was a success and I'm truly impressed by his accomplishment. In recognition of this awesomeness, I wanted to pay tribute to Tom, and created this little painting of his story's heroes, John and Asimov. Check out Tom's site and look out for other great stories that he's already working on.

"A Man, His Robot, and His World"
Acrylic on Canvas

This has got to be the most Etsy-like thing I did this year. A house-shaped tissue box for Crane. Clever with the tissues coming out of the smokestack - this was a part of an artist series giveaway at their comercial booth.

Acrylic on plastic

Late October was the fall members show at the Elmhurst Artists Guild. My submission was this underwater lovely with some fish shapes for good measure. Just in a green experimental mood for this one.
"Sea Green"
24x8 acrylic on canvas

The guild is open to all artists, and they have a fabulous space to present your latest work. If you are living on the west side (or even residing in the City), check them out and consider becoming a member yourself.
Elmhurst Art Museum Entry Hall

The December show for the artist guild was an invitational show that my wife Heather curated. It's called "Deviant Pop", featuring the art of local Chicago artists Lana Crooks, Joey Potts, Shawn Smith, Andrew Thompson, and Max Bare.  The show is still going on until January 17, so you can check it out if you're looking for a wintertime activity, or something extra cool for your bare walls!

Setting up for the show

Me (Dave Pryor) and Shawn Smith (of shawnimals fame) setting up his work for Deviant Pop.

So thanks for checking in with me this year everyone! I'm already looking forward to some very cool things brewing in 2014. All the best to you in the New Year.


Colleen said...

I had to google you after taking a spur of the moment trip to the Elmhurst Art Museum this past weekend.

I fell in love with Crocodile Fears and wanted to let you know. It was, by far, my favorite piece there.

Dave Pryor said...

Thank you very much Colleen. Crocodile Fears was a fun piece to do and a bit of an experiment for me. I'm happy you decided to visit the museum.

GurneeEric said...

My daughter loved "Crocodile Fears" too, but my favorite was Sea Green. Great show Dave! I was tempted to buy several pieces, but forced myself to settle on one.