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Thursday, July 31, 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Hi Everyone! Thanks for a great time again in San Diego - Comic Con 2014 is officially over and it's again time for a BIG THANKS! So grateful to all the fans and visitors; wonderful to meet with newcomers, and I had a blast talking to return fans who I'm so honored by year after year.

I've had the same booth now with Bob Rissetto for 7 years in a row - we run it like clockwork now. Comic Con has become a home away from home. Got to meet with some inspiring artists and spend time with friends. Always so much more I wish I did and saw - but that's what next year is for - right?

One big surprise was this visit from Sergio Aragones. He came by to watch my "Alien for Christmas" film and was graciously complementary. He was very interested in the Flash animation process, and asked detailed questions about how I worked. Hey, maybe this is a hint at animated things to come from Sergio in the future? Could be!

Here a photo tribute to a bunch of art fans who made my trip to SDCC 2014 awesome! As always, send me pictures of wherever this artwork ends up - I love seeing it framed on your walls, stapled over your bed, or folded up as a paper hat! Check out and like my Facebook Art Page for a steady stream of new artwork offerings sent directly to your delicious newsfeed. See ya next year!

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Julie Myers said...

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