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Sunday, August 10, 2014

8 Bit and Beyond 2

I have new work now appearing at Bottleneck Gallery in a show dedicated to video games!

8 Bit and Beyond
Bottleneck Gallery
60 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

This new piece is an 80's mashup of Ed-209 from RoboCop and the Gottlieb video game Q*Bert. Ed-209 (the fan favorite empty-hearted robot of the movie) had an issue walking down stairs, so I thought what could be a better place to test his abilities traversing an environment? Q*Bert's pyramid of cubes. Ed-209 has no problems eliminating his enemies, but jumping and changing the colors of cubes is a little trickier.

"Test Chamber Q"
Acrylic on birch board

I continue down the path of working on wood board. I find the grain and rigidity very pleasing, and it provides a nice contrast for the otherwise cold/sterile worlds of these characters.

I contemplated doing a "bloodier" version of this piece - something that RoboCop director Paul Verhoeven would be proud of. I played around with this concept in my thumbnails, but as I painted the piece, I liked the simplicity of the cube colors, and I thought that the lack of gore made the murder more subtle. Maybe you don't even notice Q*Bert and his cronies deceased at the bottom of he image. I have thoughts of going back to it and doing a digital print variant with the gore added, then there could be a choice for the true Verhoeven fans. 

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to live in New York, check out the original artwork which is now on display amongst over 70 other great works!

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