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Monday, September 1, 2014

Popeye 85th Anniversary Art Show - Hero Complex Gallery

"Stong to the Finich! - the official Popeye Tribute Art Show"
Celebrating 85 Years of Popeye  
Friday, September 5, 2014

My piece, "Burgers, Bruisers, and Brawn" will be part of the show, along with a very limited print run of this illustration. This was originally conceived from the topic "Deformed Popeye" from a daily drawing blog. I didn't sway too much; I just pushed the huge arms a bit further, having such respect for the old black and white Popeyes that I'd love to watch late at night. Here in Chicago, one Popeye cartoon short would help fill the half our gap along with a 20 minute 3 Stooges short. What a great pairing of physical violence!

"Burgers, Bruisers, and Brawn"
8"x10" Giclee print

As an extra bonus, here is my original sketch of the work - kept this idea pretty close as I went into Flash for cleanup of the linework.

There should be some great artworks as part of this show - be sure to check it out if you live in the LA area.

In addition to the show, here is my "bonus" tribute illustration - amongst the Goons from Goonland, Popeye is truly one in a Millionsk! Let's all eat a can of spinach in his honor!