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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Red Wagon - Elmhurst Art Museum show

One of the biggest experiences I've had in a while - an art show with my wife Heather at the Elmhurst Art Museum. About 100 pieces in their exquisite gallery space. The reception was fabulous, and the show continues through June. If you live in Chicago or are visiting the area, come and check out the show! Below is a collection of images!

Our show flyer for the event!

Our main wall - a combination of works by Heather and myself. "Red Wagon" signifies many things for us. First of all, red being one of our favorite colors. Secondly, the wagon being something that you can use to "collect", and inspires a feeling of childhood innocence and simplicity. 

Heather's "Pain". A multi piece work that showcases various causes of pain.

This giant wall painting of "Big Red" took me a day to do. Created a nice focal point for folks entering the gallery. 

Heather's "16 dog party" is a collection of watercolor dog portaits.

My "Feathered Friends" collection.

My "Wizard of Oz" section.

I created individual frames for all 24 pieces in this action figure showcase of "Collect them All, Dissect them All".

A section featuring pieces I created based on video games.

My giant robot art showcased in 24x36 large format.

Heather's Monopoly inspired art - "How Monopoly Should Be"

"Crocodile Fears"

Me and Heather enjoying the reception!

Thanks much for checking out the post! 'Til next time! -Dave

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