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Sunday, July 3, 2016

20 Years Later - Gallery 1988

It's been 20 years since Tim Burton's "Mars Attacks!", and in celebration of this milestone, I've worked up a new piece that is part of other 1996 films showcased in Gallery 1988's new exhibit, "20 Years Later". I still remember being wowed by the CG aliens - and you can be wowed all over again by all the love this movie gets in this art show!

7308 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles CA 90046
Show open July 1-16, 2016

"They Blew Up Congress"
Acrylic on birch board

Rough iPad sketch of the concept. The scene that is in the movie is actually a pretty cheesy effect shot of a bunch of old dudes getting blasted by lazers, ending in a wonderful moment with Grandma Florence Norris (played by actress Sylvia Sydney) shouting happily "They blew up Congress!"

I did originally think about doing this painting with have skeletons and half old guys, but after working up the skeleton pattern, I found it impossible to go back. 

A shot of the painting workspace - I did most of this at the Elmhurst Art Museum while folks were checking out the Red Wagon Gallery. This was a fun one to explain!

I added some extra sparkle paint to the lazers, which looks kind of cool as the light catches it. 

So check out the show before the 16th if you live in LA, or online if you are out of town at this link. Thanks for checking out the page! -Dave